Special Ramadhan Event

by OMG on 2018-06-14

Guide OMG! Special Ramadhan Event

Event period: June 11 - June 25, 2018


Helping Ani & Budi

1. Talk to Budi near the warp portal at Dewata. He will tell you that he need help collecting some items for his present to his mother, but he is too scared to go. Offer him some help.


2. Then talk to his sister, Ani at Dewata Field 01 near the Dungeon entrance. She will give you list all of the items she need to make a bouquet. And she will tell you that she need some ribbon, but you need to talk to her auntie, Tante Susi (located at Dewata pier).


All the flower she need will drop from Botaring that spawn at Dewata Field 01.

3. You need to talk to Tante Susi at Dewata pier. Then she will give you another list item to collect. Come back to Tante Susi will all items, then she will give you 5x Mooi Orange Ribbon and 1x Yellow Flower Basket.


4. Go talk to Ani with all flowers and items you get from Tante Susi. She will ask you to wait for 10 minutes in order to complete the bouquet.

5. After 10 minutes, talk back to Ani. She will give you a Chocolate Cake.

6. Give the Chocolate Cake to Budi, and he will be very happy and ask you to meet his mother, Dewi.

7. Talk to Budi mother, Dewi. She will tell you that she need 5x Garden Spirit Scroll to finish the gift for you. She will ask you to meet her husband, Joko, near the pier.


8. Joko will tell you about how you get thoose 5x Garden Spirit Scroll. After giving you some prayer, Joko will warp you to a map where you can kill Banaspaty.


On each kill Banaspaty there is a chance you will get Garden Spirit Scroll. Keep killing until you got 5 of them.


9. Back to Dewi. Then she will give you a present as a thank you for helping her childs.


10. Then she will tell you that her brother, Bambang, would likely trade Mooi Flower for many items.

11. Met Bambang at Rockridge, he will at front of Sheriff Office. He will trade another 3x Schattig Flower & 3x Wit Flower with 1x Mooi Flower.


Then you can trade all your Mooi Flower to many items at Bambang.