Totally fresh new full renewal server! OMG! Ragnarok Online created to be fun to play. We have 1000x/1000x exp rate and custom drop rate (med-high). Many item for quest and many instance to explore.



[o] Gepard Shield v3
[o] Full Renewal
[o] 1000x/1000x/custom drop
[o] Job3 MaxLv 185/65
[o] Episode 17.1 Illusion
[o] Max ASPD 193
[o] 2018 Client
[o] roDEX System
[o] Advanced Doram skill
[o] Star Emperor & Soul Reaper
[o] Lasagna Town / Field / Dragon Nest
[o] Rockridge episode with daily quest, equip, card
[o] Official item
[o] All item farm-able

Main Language: Indonesian & English



[o] All new 3rd job sprite available
[o] Achievement System Enabled
[o] Title System Enabled
[o] NPC Job Changer
[o] NPC Reset Stat & Skill
[o] NPC Costume Quest
[o] NPC Equip Quest
[o] Rockridge Mine for farming item
[o] Fishing Area
[o] OMG! Mall will lots of quest
[o] NPC Hat Maker
[o] Party EXP share limit 15 level
[o] Healer with VIP Buffer
[o] Hourly automatic event (Poring Catcher, Devil Square, Find the Mushroom, Super Poring)
[o] Super Poring Event
[o] Custom Battleground
[o] Battleground Shop
[o] Illusion Dungeon
[o] Many new EQ quest for creative build


[o] Old Glast Heim [o] Isle of Bios [o] Bakonawa Lake
[o] Faceworm Nest [o] Malangdo Culvert [o] Endless Tower
[o] Nightmarish Jitterbug [o] Sara's Memory [o] Geffen Magic Tournament
[o] Horror Toy Factory [o] Buwaya Cave [o] Ghost Palace
[o] Charleston Crisis [o] Morse Cave [o] Sky Fortress
[o] Temple of Demon God [o] Infinite Space [o] Poring Island
[o] Central Laboratory [o] Last Room [o] Octopus Cave
[o] Sarah And Fenrir [o] Wolfchev Laboratory [o] Airship Raid
[o] Devils Tower [o] Room Of Consciousness



Siege Set, Vellum, BG, Godly, MVP Card, Angeling Card, Ghostring Card, Deviling Card, Maya Purple Card, Hall of the Abyss card


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